Perils for Pedestrians

TV talk about people who walk

Episodes 101 to 110 of Perils for Pedestrians

All episodes are 28 minutes long. A new episode is released monthly.
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Episode 110 information.

© 2005

Episode 110

  • The Rails-to-Trails Conference; Minneapolis, MN
  • Bicycle engineering at Southern Illinois University; Edwardsville, IL
  • A bicycle advocate on bicycle education; Salt Lake City, UT
  • The RWJF active living partnership in Omaha, NE

Episode 109 information.

© 2005

Episode 109: Isanti County, Minnesota

  • The RWJF active living partnership in Isanti County, Minnesota.
  • The Cambridge Lutheran Church hosts Faithfully Fit.
  • Seniors enjoy comradery and devotion along with exercise in Cambridge, MN.
  • Isanti County organizes walking and bicycling events.
  • Barriers to walking in the Town of Isanti.

Episode 108 information.

© 2005

Episode 108

  • Mayor Rocky Anderson on pedestrians; Salt Lake City, UT.
  • Hit and run drivers; Springfield, MO.
  • The RWJF Active Living Partnership; Columbia, MO.
  • Media coverage of the Partnership; Columbia, MO.
  • The author of "Minx in the City"; Salt Lake City, UT

Episode 107 information.

© 2005

Episode 107

  • The organizer of a Criterium bicycle race; Silver Spring, MD.
  • The winner of the women's professional division; Silver Spring. MD.
  • Music City Moves is the RWJF Active Living Partnership; Nashville, TN.
  • The Metropolitan Planning Department plays a key role in the Partnership; Nashville, TN.
  • Missouri's Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator; Jefferson City, MO.

Episode 106 information.

© 2005

Episode 106

  • The American Podiatric Medical Association, and their choice for America's most walkable city.
  • A parkway study in suburban Maryland.
  • The organization Sustrans and the National Cycle Network in the United Kingdom.
  • The Coalition for Smarter Growth in Washington, DC.

Episode 105 information.

© 2005

Episode 105: Velo-City, Dublin, Ireland

  • The Velo-city conference series.
  • Velo-city 2005 in Dublin.
  • The Dublin Cycling Campaign.
  • National Policies to Promote Cycling.
  • Bicycle Workshops in Rome.

Episode 104 information.

© 2005

Episode 104

  • We talk with the chair of the Maryland Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.
  • A protest to restore a cancelled bikeway in Maryland.
  • A bicycle commuter in Richmond, Virginia.
  • The American Lung Association of Virginia

Episode 103 information.

© 2005

Episode 103: Universal Design

  • Issues confronting a blind pedestrian in Richmond, Virginia.
  • Universal Design and independent living.
  • AARP works to keep seniors walking.
  • Safe Kids works to get children walking.

Episode 102 information.

© 2004

Episode 102

  • The Rediscover Maryland walking program.
  • The youngest walker to complete the program.
  • We discuss transportation with a Virginia State Senator.
  • We talk with the chairman of the Fairfax County Non-motorized Transportation Committee.

Episode 101 information.

© 2004

Episode 101

  • Experimental Intelligent Speed Adaptation in Sweden.
  • The Action Committee for Transit in Maryland.
  • The Surface Transportation Policy Project releases their fifth Mean Streets report.
  • The Active Living Partnership in Charleston, SC.
  • An engineer talks about pedestrian signals in Seattle.