Perils for Pedestrians

TV talk about people who walk

Episodes 111 to 120 of Perils for Pedestrians

All episodes are 28 minutes long. A new episode is released monthly.
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Episode 120 information.

© 2006

Episode 120: North and South Carolina

  • The pedestrian and bicycle coordinator for Durham, NC.
  • The Triangle Transit Authority in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, NC.
  • The Cooper River Bridge in Charleston, SC.

Episode 119 information.

© 2006

Episode 119: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

  • A Safe Routes To School Task Force in Mechanicsburg, PA
  • The viewpoint of children.
  • The SRTS Task Force survey results.
  • Crossing guards in Mechanicsburg, PA.
  • Missing sidewalks in Mechanicsburg, PA.
  • A dietician on walking and personal health in Mechanicsburg, PA
  • A businessman on walking and the health of Main Street in Mechanicsburg, PA.

Episode 118 information.

© 2006

Episode 118

  • We travel to Zurich, Switzerland, for the Sixth International Walking Conference.
  • We visit the Voorhees Transportation Center in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
  • We learn about the New Jersey Mayors Wellness Campaign.
  • We look at bicycle planning for a university.

Episode 117 information.

© 2006

Episode 117

  • We attend Walk to School Day in Olney, Maryland.
  • We meet a transportation engineer with Salt Lake City.
  • We talk with the Utah bicycle and pedestrian coordinator,
  • We learn about the New York Bicycling Coalition in Albany.

Episode 116 information.

© 2006

Episode 116

  • We attend the dedication of a new trail in Frostburg, MD.
  • We visit the Parley's Creek Trail in Salt Lake City.
  • A planner looks at how the trail is part of a walkable city.
  • We learn about the active living partnership in Winnebago, Nebraska.

Episode 115 information.

© 2006

Episode 115

  • We visit the Sugarhouse district of Salt Lake City, where new development neglects pedestrians.
  • We talk with a store manager about slower streets helping businesses.
  • A bicyclist looks at the need for better education and enforcement in Utah.
  • We learn about the active living partnership in Louisville, Kentucky.

Episode 114 information.

© 2005

Episode 114: Emergency Evacuation

  • We look at the role of walking in evacuating New York on 9-11.
  • Walking also played a key role during the 2003 blackout.
  • We talk with an evacuation planner in Albany.
  • We look at obstacles to evacuation in the Washington DC region.

Episode 113 information.

© 2005

Episode 113: Switzerland

  • We learn about public toilets in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • We drop in on Multimobil Day.
  • We visit the car free village of Braunwald.
  • We hike on Switzerland's extensive network of trails.
  • We visit Magglingen for a conference on transport related physical activity.
  • We talk with a researcher about activity levels in children.

Episode 112 information.

© 2005

Episode 112

  • We visit the Active Living Partnership in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago.
  • We learn about the Sunday Parkways plan.
  • We stop by the Interurban Trail in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.
  • We talk with a public health nurse in Milwaukee.

Episode 111 information.

© 2005

Episode 111: Wisconsin

  • We meet one of the founders of Wisconsin Walks.
  • We talk with a planner in White Fish Bay, Wisconsin.
  • We learn about the National Park Service Rivers and Trails Program in Milwaukee.