Perils for Pedestrians

TV talk about people who walk

Episodes 151 to 160 of Perils for Pedestrians

All episodes are 28 minutes long. A new episode is released monthly.
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Episode 160 information.

© 2009

Episode 160

  • We visit the Memphis Center for Independent Living.
  • We meet the chair of the Kentucky Bicycle and Bikeway Commission.
  • We look at the Purple People Bridge in Cincinnati.
  • We learn about pedestrian issues in Cincinnati.
Episode 159 information.

© 2009

Episode 159: Nashville, Tennessee

  • We meet the executive director of Walk-Bike Nashville.
  • We learn about Team Green.
  • We have an in depth discussion with Nashville's bicycle and pedestrian coordinator.

Episode 158 information.

© 2009

Episode 158: Paris, France

  • We talk with two cyclists about bicycling in Paris.
  • We visit the Paris bicycle advocacy organization, MDB ("Mieux se Déplacer à Bicyclette" -- "Better to Move By Bicycle").

Episode 157 information.

© 2009

Episode 157: Paris, France

  • We travel to Paris to talk with an advocate about The Rights Of Pedestrians (Les Droits du Piéton).
  • We look at the Velib public bicycle system in Paris.

Episode 156 information.

© 2009

Episode 156: Barcelona, Spain

  • We travel to Barcelona, where we learn about Project for Public Spaces.
  • We meet the president of the International Federation of Pedestrians.
  • We drop in on a Walk21 Pre-Conference workshop on measuring walking.
  • We talk with manufacturers of automated pedestrian counters.

Episode 155 information.

© 2009

Episode 155

  • We visit a bike station in Seattle.
  • We talk with the advocacy director of the Cascade Bicycle Club.
  • We drop in on the ProWalk/ProBike conference in Seattle.
  • We learn about sustainable transportation in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Episode 154 information

© 2009

Episode 154: Washington

  • We travel to Seattle to learn about Walk Score.
  • We talk with an advocate about traffic safety.
  • We look at a sidewalk initiative in Olympia.

Episode 153 information.

© 2009

Episode 153

  • We learn about the Confluence Project in Vancouver, Washington.
  • We visit the Vancouver Land Bridge.
  • We talk with a group of walkers at the bridge.
  • We look at a market street in Vancouver.
  • We learn about the Arcata, California, Transportation Safety Committee.

Episode 152 information.

© 2009

Episode 152: California

  • We learn about a community action agency in Eureka, California.
  • We talk with the bicycle coordinator for CalTrans District 1.
  • We look at a well-trimmed hedge.
  • We meet the Sidewalk Bushwackers.
  • We visit a rural road that is scary for pedestrians.

Episode 151 information.

© 2009

Episode 151: Oregon

  • We talk with a mother about the death of her son in Eugene, Oregon.
  • We talk with a city planner about the road diet that will improve safety.
  • A police officer tells us about pedestrian enforcement in Grants Pass, Oregon.
  • We learn what Corvalis, Oregon, is doing for pedestrians and bicyclists.