Perils for Pedestrians

TV talk about people who walk

Episodes 191 to 200 of Perils for Pedestrians

All episodes are 28 minutes long. A new episode is released monthly.
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Episode 200 information.

© 2013

Episode 200 Special

  • We talk with Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean about walking on the moon.
  • We talk with Space Shuttle astronaut Rick Mastracchio about walking in space.
  • We look back at some of our favorite interviews in our first 199 episodes.

Episode 199 information.

© 2013

Episode 199

  • We learn about the Designing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares manual.
  • We learn about the State Smart Transportation Initiative.
  • We meet the author of Steps To a Walkable Community.
  • We attend Walk To School Day at Drew Elementary School.

Episode 198 information.

© 2012

Episode 198

  • Wellness Walkways in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Pedestrian pet peeves.
  • Walking and Romance.
  • Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson at Walk21.

Episode 197 information.

© 2012

Episode 197: Vancouver, BC

  • We talk with the director of the Urban Studies Program at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.
  • We meet a resident of North Vancouver who donated a sidewalk.
  • We talk with an urban planner about transportation choices in Vancouver.

Episode 196 information.

© 2012

Episode 196: Vancouver, BC

  • We visit Vancouver, British Columbia, where we learn about Green Communities Canada.
  • We talk with the executive director of Better Environmentally Sound Transportation.
  • We talk with an advocate at Burrard Street Bridge about the lack of respect for pedestrians.

Episode 195 information.

© 2012

Episode 195

  • We look at traffic conditions in a St. Louis neighborhood.
  • We learn about the Great Rivers Greenway District in St. Louis.
  • The Grace Hill Settlement House seeks to reconnect North St. Louis to the Mississippi Riverfront.
  • We meet an Americorp Trail Ranger on the Riverfront Trail.
  • We meet a local fisherman along the trail.
  • We travel to Vancouver to look at shrubbery blocking sidewalks.

Episode 194 information.

© 2012

Episode 194

  • We look at a new pedestrian and bicycle path across the Missouri River in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • We visit Jefferson City, Missouri, where a ped-bike path was added to another Missouri River bridge.
  • A blind pedestrian talks about accessible pedestrian signals in Kansas City.
  • We drop in on Bike To Work Day in Bethesda, Maryland.

Episode 193 information.

© 2012

Episode 193

  • We visit St. Louis to learn about the Pedestrian and Bicycle Council of the Institute of Transportation Engineers.
  • We head north to Minneapolis for the Safe Routes To School National Conference.
  • -We look at the need for sidewalks in Edina, Minnesota.
  • We drop in on the Corporate Cycling Challenge bike ride in Omaha, Nebraska.

Episode 192 information.

© 2012

Episode 192

  • We talk with the BMW Vice President of Vehicle Safety about innovations to keep pedestrians safe.
  • We look at public health partnerships and walking in Worcester, Massachusetts.
  • We visit Fairfield, Connecticut, where a public workshop brings in ideas to make the city more walkable and bikeable.
Episode 191 information.

© 2012

Episode 191: New England

  • We learn about the Safe Streets Coalition in New Haven, Connecticut.
  • We look at sustainable transportation at Yale University.
  • We learn about Danvers Bi-Peds in Danvers, Massachusetts.
  • We look at rails with trails in Rhode Island.