Perils for Pedestrians

TV talk about people who walk

Episodes 201 to 210 of Perils for Pedestrians

All episodes are 28 minutes long. A new episode is released monthly.
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Episode 210 information.

© 2013

Episode 210

  • We look at a trail along a pipeline in Olney, Maryland.
  • We drop in on Walk to School Day in Kensington, Maryland.
  • We attend the announcement for a new transit line in Maryland.
  • We join a pedestrian parade to downtown Munich at the Walk21 conference.
  • We join a protest march for pedestrians in Munich.

Episode 209 information.

© 2013

Episode 209: Venice

  • We talk with a professor about pedestrians in Venice.
  • We find out why families want to live in Venice.

Episode 208 information.

© 2013

Episode 208: Europe

  • We visit Munich and learn about the German pedestrian organization.
  • We head to mainland Venice to learn about the Pumas project.
  • We travel up the Grand Canal.

Episode 207 information.

© 2013

Episode 207: Munich, Germany

  • We drop in on the Walk21 international pedestrian conference in Munich.
  • We talk with the Mayor of Munich about walking.
  • We learn about a European initiative for 30 kilometer per hour speed limits.

Episode 206 information.

© 2013

Episode 206: Geneva, Switzerland

  • We visit the World Health Organization in Geneva to learn about road safety.
  • We visit the International Road Federation in Geneva.

Episode 205 information.

© 2013

Episode 205: Geneva, Switzerland

  • We talk in depth with a geographer about pedestrians in Geneva, Switzerland.

Episode 204 information.

© 2013

Episode 204

  • We talk with a state delegate about a new sidewalk in Kensington, Maryland.
  • We talk with Rick Steves about walking in Europe.
  • We look at bicycle access to the University of North Carolina in Charlotte.
  • Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood speaks at the National Bike Summit in Washington.

Episode 203 information.

© 2013

Episode 203: Charlotte, North Carolina

  • We travel to Charlotte for the American Public Works Association Winter Maintenance Conference.
  • We talk with an architect about walkable communities.
  • A planner discusses the role of the private sector in making walkable places.
  • We learn about accommodations for blind pedestrians in Charlotte.
Episode 202 information.

© 2013

Episode 202: Charlotte, North Carolina

  • We travel to Charlotte, where we meet the Director of the Department of Transportation.
  • We talk with the Safe Routes To School state advocacy organizer.
  • We talk with the Bicycle Program Manager for Charlotte.
Episode 201 information.

© 2013

Episode 201

  • We learn about the Transportation Initiatives of the Congress For the New Urbanism.
  • We drop in on the ProWalk, ProBike, ProPlace conference in Long Beach.
  • We meet the founder of Los Angeles Walks.
  • We look at a new fire hydrant that blocks a sidewalk in Bethesda, Maryland.