Perils for Pedestrians

TV talk about people who walk

Episodes 211 to 220 of Perils for Pedestrians

All episodes are 28 minutes long. A new episode is released monthly.
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Episode 220 information.

© 2014

Episode 220: Hawaii

  • We talk with the Department of Transportation Services about Complete Streets.
  • The Department of Health wants to make Hawaii more walkable.
  • -AARP wants to make Hawaii friendlier and less dangerous for elderly pedestrians.
  • We climb the trail to the World War II observation posts on Diamond Head.

Episode 219 information.

© 2014

Episode 219: Hawaii

  • We learn about Kauai Path, a trails organization on the island of Kauai.
  • Kauai Path does education and outreach in addition to building trails.
  • We meet one of the founders of the Red Hot Ladies bicycling group in Hawaii.
  • We travel alongside the Waimea Canyon to the overlooks above the rugged cliffs of the Napali Coast.

Episode 218 information.

© 2014

Episode 218: New Zealand

  • We look at pedestrian advocacy in New Zealand.
  • A pedestrian and bicycle path is going to be added to the Auckland Harbour Bridge
  • We learn about a new tool to select the best type of pedestrian crossing.
  • We drop in on the Auckland Marathon.
  • We hike along the Coast to Coast Walkway in Auckland.

Episode 217 information.

© 2014

Episode 217: New Zealand

  • We look at how engineering education addresses pedestrian issues.
  • We talk with the Mayor of Wellington about pedestrians.
  • We learn about challenges for people with disabilities in New Zealand.
  • We hike to the traditional "Centre of New Zealand" in Nelson.

Episode 216 information.

© 2014

Episode 216: New Zealand

  • We look at earthquake reconstruction plans for Christchurch.
  • -We talk with a bicycling advocate who would like more to be done.
  • We find out why roundabouts are difficult for some pedestrians to cross.

Episode 215 information.

© 2014

Episode 215: Sydney, Australia

  • We travel to Sydney, Australia.
  • We learn about a new publication by the Heart Foundation, "Does Density Matter".
  • We talk with the organizers of the Walk21 pedestrian conference.
  • The Minister For Transport talks about what New South Wales is doing for pedestrians.

Episode 214 information.

© 2014

Episode 214: Sydney, Australia

  • We travel to Sydney, Australia.
  • We learn about Tactical Urbanism.
  • We see an example of Tactical Urbanism at a Better Block event.
  • Victoria Walks promotes walking for all ages.
  • The Walking Volunteers worked to connect Sydney's Foreshore Walking Network.
  • We go along on The Seven Bridges Walk around Sydney Harbour.

Episode 213 information.

© 2014

Episode 213: Los Angeles, California

  • We talk with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation about pedestrians.
  • We attend the unveiling of the mobile website for Los Angeles State Historic Park.
  • We learn about Los Angeles Walks.

Episode 212 information.

© 2014

Episode 212

  • We talk with Dan Burden about Blue Zones.
  • DOT Secretary Anthony Foxx announces a new approach to ped-bike safety.
Episode 211 information.

© 2014

Episode 211: Bicycles

  • We drop in on the International Cycling History Conference in Baltimore.
  • We travel to Frederick, Maryland, for a high wheel bicycle race.
  • We attend a demonstration of some historical bicycles.