Perils for Pedestrians

TV talk about people who walk

Episodes 91 to 100 of Perils for Pedestrians

All episodes are 28 minutes long. A new episode is released monthly.
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Episode 100 information.

© 2004

Episode 100

  • The Active Living Partnership in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
  • Evaluating bicycle facilities in Arlington, Virginia.
  • The Guide to Community Preventive Services.
  • The annual meeting of the American Public Health Association.
  • Walk to School Day in Bethesda, MD.
  • Pedestrian access to a Dairy Queen in Ralston, Nebraska.

Episode 99 information.

© 2004

Episode 99: Seattle, Washington

  • We meet the chair of Seattle's Pedestrian Advisory Board.
  • A former chair discusses how to encourage walking.
  • A civil engineer talks about what pedestrians need.
  • The Active Living Partnership in Seattle.

Episode 98 information.

© 2004

Episode 98

  • Measuring Pedestrian Level of Service in Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • The Active Living Partnership in Denver, Colorado.
  • The developer of the Stapleton Airport site values walkability.
  • Victoria, British Columbia, hosts the ProWalk/Probike conference.
  • Cobblestones form tripping hazards for senior citizens.
  • The Public Clock Walk in Seattle, Washington.

Episode 97 information.

© 2004

Episode 97

  • The Active Living partnership in Orlando, Florida.
  • Improvements to Highway 19 in Pinellas County, Florida.
  • Greenville, South Carolina, has won awards for their pedestrian improvements.
  • Walkable Community workshops.

Episode 96 information.

© 2004

Episode 96

  • An obstacle course for wheelchairs and blind pedestrians educates engineers at the Nordic Roads Conference in Copenhagen.
  • The rollator, a four-wheeled walker with a basket and a seat, is widely used by elderly pedestrians in Sweden.
  • A bicycle tunnel in Malmo, Sweden, is built wide and bright to attract users.
  • ARTISTS is a study of Arterial Streets by a coalition in Europe.
  • Delaware Greenways promotes trails and greenspace.

Episode 95 information.

© 2004

Episode 95: Zurich, Switzerland

  • The sixth Walk 21 conference.
  • Swiss bicycling.
  • Pedestrian advocacy in Switzerland.

Episode 94 information.

© 2004

Episode 94: Europe

  • The design for a roundabout in Malmo, Sweden.
  • The status of bicycles in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • An engineer from Spain discusses transportation in Europe and America.

Episode 93 information.

© 2004

Episode 93

  • Crosswalk improvements are planned in Salem, Oregon.
  • The NIEHS conference on Obesity and the Built Environment meets in Washington, DC.
  • The American Planning Association meets in Washington, DC.
  • The Society for Photographic Education brings a pedestrian advocate to its conference in Newport, RI.
  • A consultant from the United Kingdom discusses the nature of safety.

Episode 92 information.

© 2004

Episode 92

  • The Fourth National Bike Summit meets in Washington, DC.
  • The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has a new Active Living by Design program.
  • The City Repair Project works at the community level in Portland, Oregon.
  • The rideshare program helps commuters in Salem, Oregon.
  • The former Salem Mayor discusses the failure to finance SCAMP - the Sidewalk Construction And Maintenance Program.

Episode 91 information.

© 2004

Episode 91

  • Salem, Oregon, has improved pedestrian facilities next to a railroad.
  • In Columbia, South Carolina, a new pedestrian bridge reunites a community divided by a highway.
  • Rockville, Maryland, uses new tools to analyze the pedestrian environment.
  • The third New Partners For Smart Growth Conference meets in Portland, Oregon.
  • A local resident is concerned about pedestrians in South Nyack, New York.