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Pedestrian Program Shown Weekly

The Metro Herald, Washington, DC. Published October 10, 1997 Page 5
Reprinted with permission.

The Perils For Pedestrians television series appears weekly on Montgomery Community Television this fall. Each episode is shown Wednesdays, 10:30PM, and repeated Fridays, 3:30PM, on cable channel 49 (cable ready channel 23).

Perils for Pedestrians examines a broad range of issues relating to pedestrians, bicyclists, and pedestrians with disabilities. The program looks at the bad and the good, interviewing advocates, planners, and public officials about problems that confront pedestrians on a daily basis, and solutions that have worked in cities across North America.

Perils for Pedestrians is hosted by John Z Wetmore, an independent television producer from Bethesda. At the Twelfth Annual Montgomery County Transportation Awards in May, Wetmore received the Award for Achievement in Public Information for promoting alternative transportation with the program.

More information on the program, including the contents of each episode, is available on the Internet at: http://www.pedestrians.org.

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